Training of ‘Een wereld van verschil’ is starting again

2 February 2022|

Stijlkamer   Een wereld van verschil s enthusiastic about the Stijkamer: attractive and well-cared. That is why this company has planned a new series of training courses at this location. It is therefore possible to give training sessions to small groups to ensure

Exhibition of antique porcelain successful

16 November 2021|

A nice location that suits the display of Chinese porcelain. 'Bastion Antiquairs' search was successful. It was a challenge to display the antiques in a beautiful way. They certainly succeeded, it came into its own in the 'Stijlkamer'. Visitors to the exhibition were able to see the Chinese porcelain,

Air conditioning at Villa Arion

13 January 2021|

We are proud of the air conditioning at Villa Arion. The 'Stijlkamer' for meetings and the B&B rooms for overnight stays are air-conditioned. The air conditioning has been integrated into the heritage monument by Bvdweert Installatiebedrijf. It is not visible from the outside. We are thus prepared for

Featured B&B Villa Arion

10 June 2020|

Holiday in the Netherlands or business in Wageningen or otherwise looking for a B&B room? In the historic center of Wageningen and close to the floodplains of the Rhine it is possible to spend the night at Villa Arion. There are 2 rooms available, each with a private bathroom.

Conference room Style room exudes a good atmosphere

9 April 2019|

Stijlkamer Various groups know where to find Villa Arion. 'Een wereld van verschil' is enthusiastic about the space: attractive and well cared for. The Bergamot company will soon start Writing Time Wageningen . 'Een wereld van verschil' has provided various training courses at Villa

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