Cooking studio

The cooking studio is equipped for enjoyable cooking workshops. This is to increase the team spirit and to prepare a multi-course dinner together. It can serve as the start-up of a new project, EU project or otherwise. For your enjoyment and instruction you can learn the tricks of the trade under the guidance of a chef. Ideal also for a team activity or a family gathering.

In a cooking workshop, the theme is coordinated with the group. You can think of: Classic French; From our region; Forgotten vegetables; With color and contrast; Monumental cooking or otherwise.

Parts of the menu is prepared in sub-groups. Finally, the complete dinner is enjoyed in the “Stijkamer’ or outside on the terrace.

It is also possible to have an exclusive dinner prepared by the chef. Then you can also take a look behind the scenes in the cooking studio.

Generally the cooking studio is suitable for a maximum of 12 people. There might be restrictions due to Covid-19; we follow the rules for catering industry. When the 1.5 meter guideline is used, it is possible to offer an exclusive workshop for a small group of max 5 people. It is also possible to rent the cooking studio to get started with a cooking group or otherwise.

If you would like to book a cooking workshop, please use this form to send a request.

The Cooking Studio

Dining in the ‘Stijlkamer’