Request an option and/or information meeting room/cooking studio

    Please indicate below what you would like information about. This is a inquiry, not a booking yet. The prices shown are incl. VAT, unless stated otherwise. We aim to respond to your request within 3 days.

    Please note: if there are restrictions due to Covid-19, we will follow the measures (if any) as they apply to the catering industry. If you would still like to apply the 1.5 meter rule, the maximum capacity for meetings is 7 and for a cooking workshop 5 people.

    Meeting (Air conditioning available; max 14 people)
    Meeting in the 'Stijlkamer' 1 half-day (€95,--)
    Meeting in the 'Stijlkamer' for 2 half-days (€175,--)
    Coffee/tea/water (per half day: €3,50 pp)

    Meeting lunch/drink
    Soft buns with ham/cheese (€6,-- pp)
    Crusty bread rolls with brie, mozzarella, humus (€10,-- pp)
    Sandwiches, soup, salad (€14 pp)
    Lunch with warm dishes and salad (€20 pp; from 10 people)
    Meeting drink with soft drinks, beer, wine and cold snacks (about 1,5 hour/€12,50 pp)

    Cooking workshop
    Cooking workshop and dinner with chef up to 10 people €565,--)
    Extra persons up to a maximum of 14 (€52.50 pp)
    Drinks - soft drinks, beer, wine, coffee/tea (€14,50 pp)
    Private dinner for a group up to 14 people (on request)

    Cooking Studio + 'Stijlkamer', without chef and ingredients (€250,--)

    On request (please specify below)