It all started with the last dike breach on March 5, 1855, now more than 160 years ago. Until then, that happened from time tot time. That is why it was decided to move the dike, after which a park called Distelkamp and Eendenpoel was created between the Nudepoort and the dike. The population of Wageningen increased and twenty years later a group of important people gathered and saw the opportunity for urban expansion in this area. Nieuw-Wageningen realised six detached villas, of which Villa Arion was one. Doctor Theodorus Niemeijer has had his general practice here for decades. He has meant a lot to Wageningen, brought hygiene and treated patients, and sometimes if a patient couldn not effort it he ‘forgot’ to charge. He remained active until after the second world war. It is rewirded for his good work and he has become an honorary citizen of Wageningen. He passed away in 1951 at the age of 91.

A few years later, Villa Arion came into the hands of TNO pension fund. The building has been renovated and additional office space has been created at the rear. The veranda on the canal side was fitted with windows. A kitchen was made on the first floor because there was still occupation upstairs.

In 1965 the ‘Agricultural College’ (Landbouw Hogeschool) bought the building. the habitation disappeared and it was completely furnished as an office. For years, various organizations such as WSO, CAID, PSF and the room desk have been housed here.

In 2012, Wageningen University and Research Center sold the villa. This gave the new owners the opportunity to give the villa a residential use again. Many original details have been restored. A plan has also been drawn up to partially exploit the building. A cooking studio has been set up in the part that was placed against the building in 1965. On the outside, this part is embellished and gets an industrial look.

The so called ‘Stijlkamer’ on the left can be used for meetings and dinners. Two B&B rooms have been built in the attic, in which the roof construction is still clearly visible.